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An Actual Wedding

We received this testimonial, complete with photos from a bride who got her dress at the Beautiful Memories Gemach…

“My name is Miri, and I bought a beautiful wedding dress from your gemach a while back. We finally received our wedding photos after a long wait since our wedding in May, and I wanted to share a few highlight photos with you.

I received SO MANY compliments on my dress, countless people asked where it was from. They were absolutely shocked when I told them it was from your gemach, and that we only paid $500 for it! I had always dreamed of wearing a beautiful dress like this one on my wedding day, and you made that dream come true. Searching for a wedding dress was a nightmare before we found your gemach, it was heartbreaking to try on dress after dress and feel like every single one that I liked was out of my price range. But thanks to you, I felt like an absolute princess on my wedding day, and the dress fit like a glove. It was meant to be! Enjoy the photos attached, the dress is the star of the show!

Thank you so much for providing me with the wedding dress of my dreams. I truly cannot thank you enough.

Wishing you and the Beautiful Memories Gemach much success in the future.

Lots of love,



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