Welcome to Beautiful Memories Gemach, located at Young Israel of New Hyde Park

*** Visit our About Page for news about upcoming events.*** Beautiful Memories Gemach is a charity clothing pantry providing dress and business clothing to individuals in need at no cost. We also offer designer and other dress clothing at drastic discounts to those who can afford to purchase the clothing, but like to save and wish to support our charitable work. Anyone can make an appointment, select clothing with the assistance of our Gemacheteers and make a donation to Young Israel of New Hyde Park which will help keep the gemach open. We offer dress clothing suitable for wearing for business, to religious services, on holidays and other special occasions, including proms and weddings. Most of our clothing is given to those who need it, but highly specialized items, like wedding dresses may be borrowed and then returned so someone else can benefit from them as well.

We offer clothing to anyone in need, regardless of religious affiliation and regardless of whether the need is short or long term. When a fire or flood has ruined a family’s possessions, we can help them feel like they at least have nice clothing to wear, long before any kind of social service application or insurance claim can be processed. If someone is interviewing for a new job and needs a nice suit to make an impression, we can help them, too.

Our Gemach is happy to be of service to families of individuals with special needs, Even if you are not suffering from financial hardship, if special needs make shopping for clothing in stores difficult, our Gemach welcomes you, and like all of our other visitors, you will be treated with dignity, respect and privacy. Call for an appointment, so we can help your special needs man, woman or child to find the dress clothing they need.

When you come to Beautiful Memories Gemach, the beautiful memories begin. You will be treated like family and every consideration will be given to your comfort and privacy. That’s why we are only open by appointment, so you can have our undivided attention, and no one else has to know that you were in need. Our Gemacheteers spend hours working to create a gemach that is clean, well-organized and attractive, featuring only dress clothing that is clean and in good condition. When you step out of your home to go to an event wearing clothing from our gemach, no one will know that you didn’t shop in Bloomingdale’s, and you can confidently go ahead and create some beautiful memories of your own.

Our parents and other family memories helped us to create beautiful memories as we shared the precious moments of life with them. We have established the Beautiful Memories Gemach in their memory in the hope that we can help others to create beautiful memories in the quality clothing we offer.

Beautiful Memories Gemach was founded by Mark and Dr. Beth Krieger and is dedicated to the memory of:
Dottie & Sidney Bernstein
Mollie & Samuel Krieger
Mollie & Meyer Steinmetz
Barbara Krieger

Located at Young Israel of New Hyde Park, 264-15 77th Avenue, New Hyde Park, NY 11040.
Behind Ralph's Ices on Union Tpke. & 265th St.

Hours by appointment only: (917) 703-4694