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Beautiful Memories Gemach is a  free clothing pantry organized by Mark and Dr. Beth Krieger in memory of their parents and family members, Dottie & Sidney Bernstein, Mollie & Samuel Krieger and Mollie & Meyer Steinmetz.  It has been a labor of love that started out very small and has grown to be one of the largest and most specialized gemachs on Long Island.  The generosity of Young Israel of New Hyde Park in providing a home for the Gemach, the Gemacheteers who donate their time to sort through the clothing and all those who have donated clothing, racks and other services to the gemach has been instrumental in our gemach’s success in being able to provide quality dress clothing to those in need at no cost to them.

Our gemach is open to people throughout Long Island and Queens of all faiths who are in need of dress clothing for business or special occasions.  We are open by appointment in order to assure privacy for those who are in need of our clothing.